Merry Christmas from Matthew Ebel

The High Orbit Holiday Special

Merry Christmas, Seuss Day, or whatever winter coldtime ritual is practiced on your planet!

Ever since I moved the Officer’s Club to Patreon, I’ve been re-recording songs from Beer & Coffee with REAL drums (thank you, Runtt) and re-mixing them with the ten years of experience I’ve had since that album was released.

Well, instead of another Beer & Coffee track for this month’s Replace A Robot Patreon feature, I went back into the studio with Runtt to record real drums for my Christmas classic, Merry Christmas from Cell Block 2. And in the spirit of Christmas, I’m making this one available to the whole galaxy for free!

Take a listen to the new version at

Hopefully you enjoy this track’s new-and-improved vibe, now with real drums and better mixing. And have a wonderful holiday season!

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