Bringing Piano Rock To The World

Look where I’m going to be this year!
March 11-13 in Dallas TX, April 8-10 in Tyson's Corner VA, August 25-29 in Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada

I’m really looking forward to putting together a whole new piano rock show for 2016. We’re taking things a little less theatrically this time around, as much fun as it was doing Live at Fortran Prison and The Copper Revolution. Runtt and I want to see how high-energy a show we can create with as much music as we can cram into 90 minutes.

Looking For Venues Near YOU

Also, one of the goals this year is to put together a 10-date tour around the northeast. If you know any great venues, festivals, or events we should hook up with, LET ME KNOW! It’s been a while since we’ve hit the non-convention music scene and both of us are itching to get back in front of some more mainstream audiences.

In the mean time, I’ll still be working on new tunes for The Officer’s Club. See you soon!

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