We Can Move On

Something that always gets to me at the end of every good concert is that feeling of “It’s Over.” It’s the same feeling I get at the end of every convention weekend, great vacation, spontaneous jam session… this sense of sad parting, as though it will be an eternity before we can make this happen again.
And even if we do, it will never be the same experience.

It used to feel like I was walking off that stage alone, like a bunch of strangers and I had gone through heaven and hell together and at the end of it we just went our separate ways. But I like to think of it as lighting a torch to carry to the next adventure. We can’t all go home together, but we can all take a piece of the experience with us and incubate that feeling until we meet again.

At the end of a good show, we’ve all been changed a little. Sometimes it’s breaking things down, sometimes building them up.

This song’s all about taking that feeling and carrying it aloft to the next stop.

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