Lizards, Summer Camps, Officers, and New Shows

It’s been weeks since I’ve played a live show, and I’m getting itchy. Time to fix that with two appearances and a live stream!

Officers-Only Webcast – This Thursday!


Every month I chat with my loyal Officers Club about stuff. Secret stuff. Also, I make noises with a piano and a mic. And there’s beer or tiki drinks. You should join us! The time has come for July’s private stream this week, but you’ll only get the full details if you’re a Cadet or higher-ranking Officer at

Live in Cambridge, MA – August 22


Now that I’m back in Boston, I need to play the Lizard Lounge more often. To my knowledge, it’s the only venue in Cambridge with an actual acoustic piano. That they keep tuned. Seriously, for a piano player it’s like finding a unicorn with a winning lottery ticket. I’ll be hitting Tom Bianchi’s fabulous Open Mic Challenge in August as my first foray back into the Boston music scene. Come out and cheer me on (and bribe the judges so I win! Just kidding. Kinda… they probably like beer…) I’m only scheduled for TWO SONGS as part of the open mic set, but there’s a finals round at midnight and then the winner gets to do a finale song.

I know it’s late on a Monday night, but this event is always packed and it’s always a great spread of local talent.

Camp Feral – August 25-29

That’s right, I’m one of the guests of honour at Camp Feral in Ontario! I am STOKED for this event for many reasons… not the least of which is that it’s my first gig in Canada. I’m now an international artist! Also, it’s the first time I’ve been guest of honour with a U in it. Also, unlike every other convention I’ve played, this one’s at a summer camp out int he wilderness. How cool is that? I’ll be packing CD’s and sunblock and headed up next month.

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