Yes, I Wrote a Pokémon Song.

Crowds of millennials, children, and nostalgic thirty-somethings collide. Their faces droop towards smartphones that could reheat a frozen pizza. Some fall from cliffs like fictional lemmings, some drive into stationary objects. Some are literally renting dogs from shelters so they don’t look like a tool as they wander around alone. Some just lose weight.

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Oh, it’s a Pokémon thing. Got it.

I started playing this myself, even though I never played Ingress, and I gotta admit… It was nice seeing parts of my town that I never would’ve visited before. Did you know there’s a watch factory museum literally three blocks from my house? I didn’t. ANYWAY… if you want to hear (or buy) the new song, take a listen at

(And yeah, I know the dog-rental story was a hoax, but damn… it was just too good a visual to pass up.)

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