You’re Invited to the 8th Annual Beer Bash

8th Annual Beer bash

Everyone Is Invited This Year, Not Just Officers!

This year we’re kicking things off with a 2-hour concert at Aeronaut Brewing in Somerville, MA. This concert isn’t just for Officers, either, it’s open to the public. So invite your 21+ friends, strangers, and neighboring species to the show, and stick around for the brewery tour!

  • WHO’S INVITED: You! And everyone you know who’s 21 or older.
  • WHERE: Aeronaut Brewing (map link)
  • WHEN: 2pm-4pm concert, after-party to follow!

Officers Club Officers and higher are invited to the after-party at Matthew’s condo for home-cooked food, home-brewed beer, and more. It’s not too late to join, Officers can get access to the private party tickets here!

We’ve got ten gallons of home-brewed beer ready for the after-party, and Lord knows Aeronaut’s got plenty more ready for the concert. This is my first concert in Somerville, so I hope to see you out there on Saturday afternoon!

(Oh yeah, and don’t forget that I’m playing at a few open mics in the Boston area as well as a live streaming show every Tuesday! Details are all on my Calendar!)

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