Music Video: Epic Foliage

Aaron and I aren’t usually the leaf-peeping type, but with the amount of epic foliage in New Hampshire this fall we couldn’t resist. With a single GoPro and two motorcycles we traveled the back roads from Nashua to Francestown to Bennington and back.

Usually we chatter away on the radios the whole time, but on this day we kept our mouths shut. Every mile was like music, building on the last phrase or section until we were lost in the swirl of color and light.

And yes, I made my bike a Jakobs. If you had to rev twice…

Epic Music

Oh yes… the soundtrack is something I released recently to my Officer’s Club. I don’t normally go for orchestral pieces, but this one burned like dry leaves in my head. There was a spark, I spent two days in the studio, and I came out a cinder with a 5-minute recording to show for it.

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