Fake News, Robot Learning, And Mister Spock.

Time to start educating those who were duped by fake news NOW. Before it gets exponentially harder to spot.

Last night Aaron and I ended up watching some old TNG episodes… specifically “Reunification”, the two-parter with Leonard Nimoy as Spock. 20-year-old-spoiler-alert: The entire plot hinges on a holographic fake of Spock. According to the Romulans, its weakness is that it wouldn’t be able to field questions via live broadcast.

Ha! What wonderful fiction, right? Clearly this is some futuristic technology right up there with Heisenberg Compensators and artificial gravity that, somehow, functions when the rest of the ship has blacked out.

The Times, They Are A-Changin’

Well, we don’t have holographic projectors just yet… But with this technology I read about this morning, you could be watching live, interactive video of a celebrity or politician pledging their allegiance to Hitler, ISIS, and the Kiss Army. And all this within the next year or two. In HD.

So train your family and friends to stay on top of technology like this. Remind them to ALWAYS BE SKEPTICAL of anything that isn’t immediately corroborated by multiple news sources.

ESPECIALLY if it’s something you agree with. After all, the easiest way to feed someone bullshit is to coat it in sugary opinions they’re only too eager to swallow.