Okay, I get it… I talk too much.

The message of many, many parent/teacher conferences was abundantly clear: Matthew Ebel talks too much.

He acts out in class.

He employs “attention-getting devices.”

And now even Patreon is jumping on me for this… except they’re actually praising me.

Go figure.

But what strikes me is… wow… 95%? I’m more active than ninety-five percent of everyone else on Patreon? Seriously, I’m kicking myself for not being more active with my hardest-core-of-hardcore fans, yet I’m apparently one of the most interactive creators on the site.

Would I be better off if I were more stoic? Is that what serious artists are like? ‘Cause I think the Officers prefer me as a “chatterbox.”

In fact, I’m about to go thank my Officer’s Club for making 2016 my best year yet (financially speaking, anyway), even though I only played a handful of shows. And despite the impending inauguration of President ManChild McTwitterTantrum, I think 2017 may be even better than the last.

I guess it’s up to us to decide how the next year will unfold, and I sure as hell ain’t going to do that quietly.

Or alone.

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