Help Me Make a New Album

It’s time to bring Cognitive Dissonance to life.

For the next 30 days, I’ll be asking you to help make the next album happen. We don’t need much— just $3,000. The last time you helped me release an album, it broke $9,000 in less than a month, so hopefully we can at least get over the first hurdle. Of course, the ultimate goal is VINYL, but I’ll be happy just to put proper drum, guitar, and bass tracks on the album.

This isn’t an adventure album, it’s not based on a new novel, and it’s not for kids. This is pure, unadulterated piano rock that I’ve been brewing for the last year and a half. At a time when critical thinking itself seems to be under fire, I needed to create something that exposed the kinds of questions we ask ourselves every day.

Yeah, it can get serious. On a few tracks it even gets political. Fortunately, though, Prodo-1 still gets to sing an entire song. Also, there are coyotes.

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