Two Days in Mad Oak Studios

We just spent two full days replacing the drums and re-amping guitar/bass parts at Mad Oak Studios. Many, many thanks to Shelly, Greg, Karasu, Richard, and Earl for coming to the recording session, I hope you had a great time!

As I said on the Kickstarter page, the drums sound ENORMOUS compared to the basement recordings we captured throughout 2016. This has truly transformed the sound of this album, just from hearing the early mixes.

Day 2 was spent re-amping the guitar and bass parts. Re-amping is where you take a clean guitar or bass recording (no effects, no distortion, just the pure guitar sound recorded at home) and run it through an amp/effects in the studio. This allows Matt Pompei and Koro to focus on getting the right performance in the comfort of their own home. The expensive studio time is spent just getting the right tone for their performance.

The difference, much like the drums, is enormous. Benny Grotto is a re-amping wizard, and the spells he cast on Matt and Koro’s performances will blow your mind. Seriously. You may need paper towels and some de-greaser.

Taking A Gamble

Wait… didn’t you say real guitar and bass parts are Goal #2?

Yes, I’m taking a bit of a gamble here. We’re still $660 shy of officially meeting that goal, but we’ve still got 18 days left to do it. I’m counting on you to help me bust through the next goal or three in a few weeks’ time. So please keep spreading the word about Cognitive Dissonance!

I promise, your friends and family will forgive you for harassing them once they hear it.

(And I’ve also got more studio photos on Instagram)