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baby-Matt Matthew Ebel was born on Planet Earth before the invention of the Internet.
He took 20 years of piano lessons and sang in school choirs, church choirs, and just for fun. recital-Matt
hare-Matt He also took part in theater throughout his early years, starring and supporting in musicals, children’s theater, Shakespeare, opera, and improv comedy.
Matthew earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Whitworth University in 2001. His senior project, instead of a recital, was a full-length musical called “Imaginary Friends.”
He still speaks to his.
Filling The Pages He spent a few years writing contemporary Christian music and worked at the record label responsible for Jars of Clay.
Then he moved to Nashville, grew dreadlocks, and played backing keys and vocals for a lot of bands. He even backed up Billy Currington at the Grand Ole Opry. PMB-Nashville-Corrected
00020010-e1452549142594 In 2005 he discovered podcasting and made a name for himself among the geeks. He released his first piano-rock album, “Beer & Coffee,” using only Garageband and an old Power Mac G4.
Two years later he decided to make an album that synchronized to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It was called “Goodbye Planet Earth,” and it’s still his best-selling album. Goodbye Planet Earth
HaliHeron His concerts back then were mostly done via web streaming or in Second Life, years before most musicians had even heard of either platform.
Then Matthew moved to Boston and invented his own direct-to-fan subscription system that would later be modeled by Patreon, Bandcamp, and others. Eventually it became known as “The Officer’s Club.” MEdotnet-2008
SFTV-Feature He used it to create three collections of self-recorded singles called “Songs from the Vault”.
At this point, Matthew had become a regular at geek conventions across the USA. He’s been a performing guest at Sci-Fi, Furry, Steampunk, Gaming, and Tech conventions, with a few of them naming him Guest of Honor. Packed Crowd in San Jose
The High Orbit Holiday Special In 2010 he caved to social pressure and created a Christmas album, but decided to make it an outer-space adventure like his old podcast. It was called “The High Orbit Holiday Special.”
A couple years afterwards, he published his first sci-fi novella and accompanied it with a new album, “The Lives of Dexter Peterson.” The Lives of Dexter Peterson
Captain Ebel's Opening Number Eventually Matthew decided to make his live shows more theatrical, creating outer-space adventure concerts like “The Copper Revolution” and “Live at Fortran Prison.”
Matthew began voice acting in 2012 and has since given voice to secret-agent space werewolves in sci-fi audiobooks, zombie hunters in video games, and the naval drill instructor guiding the USS Iowa tour, among other things. Contagion_Full_Release_SFM_1080p.mp4
High Orbit Saves The Pandas In 2014 he released a second adventure album called “High Orbit Saves The Pandas,” having raised more than 300% of his goal on Kickstarter.
Two and a half years later he released “Cognitive Dissonance,” bringing a harder edge and more political awareness to his material. (This activist album also included talking robots.) Cognitive Dissonance
The Space Pirate Crew at Mad Oak Now he’s using his Officer’s Club to create the next album, a new novel, and explore new territory… anything he can create for his awesomest of awesome fans.
Eventually, he will die.
And that’s okay.
Quinault Rainforest Path - Landscape

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