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Over the past decade, MATTHEW EBEL has broken all the rules about the music world. Maybe that’s why music business authors like Martin Atkins, Dave Kusek, and Simon Tam have written about him. Or maybe it’s because he’s managed to stay ahead of the technological curve. No matter what, Matthew’s flight path has been anything but predictable.

After a few years in Nashville’s fertile singer-songwriter community, Matthew became known for his melody- and lyric-driven sound. He played the writer’s rounds and backed up major-label stars at the Grand Ole Opry. Rather than work his way through the cogs of the Music City machine, however, he turned his attention to a far more interesting crowd: Geeks.

For the next decade, Matthew brought theatrical piano-rock shows to convention stages across North America. Talking robots, time travel, costumes, and animations became the norm as he transformed convention ballrooms into live sci-fi musical adventures. Meanwhile, his fans and his inspiration began to demand a dramatic shift.

Now, after a full year of secret work in his Composition Lab, Matthew has emerged as a new EDM act. Though some describe his sound as progressive house or trance, most aficionados agree on one thing: MATTHEW EBEL has brought an all-new, refreshing sound to the dance world. His first dance album, “Children of the Stars,” is scheduled for release in late 2017.

Bird Mask Spaceship Poster ORIGINAL

Now he’s making dance music, performed with a keyboard, laptop, and mic instead of a turntable. It’s new territory for him, but so far the music has been well-received by fans of house and trance.

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