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Matthew Ebel is a piano rocker, a voice actor, an author, and a goofball. His science-fiction-themed performances and albums put him deep into Geek territory, yet his writing style remains approachable by all walks of life (human or otherwise). As a performer, he’s been named Guest of Honor at conventions such as CONvergence and Further Confusion, as well as having played venues from coffee houses to countless geek conventions to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Prodo-1 On stage he takes the persona of Captain Ebel, a well-meaning but dubiously competent starship captain who is kept alive mainly thanks to his robots, Prodo-1 and Prodo-2. As the live concert progresses, Ebel and his crew typically find themselves threatened by intergalactic carnivore overlords, malfunctioning robotic killing machines, or 18th century steampunk arch-villains from a parallel Earth. Somehow, the crew manages to not only survive but involve the audience in 90 minutes of fun and piano rock.

Ebel is also a published science-fiction author and voice actor, having given voice to zombie hunters in the PC game Contagion and secret-agent space-werewolves in Richard L. Sanders’ Phoenix Conspiracy book series. His first novella, The Lives of Dexter Peterson, is available through Rabbit Valley Comics.

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