Slap Me On Vinyl And Call Me Captain

I had an awesome time in Seattle last Friday night! Tiny Ninja Café (now called the Stone Way Café, apparently) is a beautiful place with the most amazing backdrop I’ve ever performed in front of. The people that filled the Café were a hell of a lot of fun to play for, and now some  … Read More »

Creating a New Genre is a Serious Gamble

Sometimes it frightens me what my fans give me the courage to attempt. I’m trying to stay calm and collected about this whole High Orbit Saves The Pandas thing, but underneath I’m chewing my fingernails down to the cuticle. What the hell was I thinking trying to cram science fiction, rock music, and comedy into  … Read More »

Matthew Ebel’s Laws of Touring: The Drive

I’ve played concerts all over the USA and there’s one constant that most touring musicians already know: People don’t know how to drive. Seattle drivers are maniacs, Boston drivers are assholes, Nashville drivers are NASCAR wanna-be’s, and Ohio drivers are most likely taking a power nap behind the wheel. Everywhere else, the drivers are an  … Read More »

Saving The Pandas, Raising The Bar

It’s been a good run for The Copper Revolution so far. I’d never tried to produce a theatrical, sci-fi-meets-steampunk piano rock show before, so this was something of a major gamble for me both artistically and professionally. Sure, I’ve been playing concerts for geeks for years now, but it felt like I was crossing over  … Read More »

The Economics of Pooping On Your Friends

We all do it. Something pisses us off and we need to tell the world- or at least our Twitter followers. The process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions is called catharsis and it’s a necessary mental function. Just like pooping is a necessary biological function. Bitching about something is  … Read More »

Mixing It Like The Foo Fighters

So like anyone with taste, I’ve become a huge fan of the Foo Fighters. On top of the fact that Dave Grohl’s a geek and a mind-blowing performer, the dude’s also got an amazing voice, their music is interesting without being overproduced, and it runs the gamut from hardcore to soft and passionate. You’ve also  … Read More »

The Most Dumberest Person In The World

I’m not kidding, this is an email I just got yesterday morning. And it was via my contact form, so it had to be a human being sending this to me. I added emphasis just to point out how special-needs this person is… From: Dana Ariel <dana@thesalonoutlet.com> Subject: Sponsored Blog Post in the Beauty Vertical  … Read More »

The Three-Con Report

Runtt and I played three conventions in three consecutive weeks, each one with a different theme. Normally people write a post-con wrap-up after each weekend getaway, but chances are good most people don’t hit one every week! I’ve got photos from some of them, so click the big pictures to get to the galleries. Furthemore  … Read More »

Anyone Want A Cat?

UPDATE: Murphy now has a new home! Thanks to everyone who scoured their networks helping me find the right family to make him a part of. I’ll post a more detailed update later, but at this point my Adorable Fatball is happily weighing down someone else’s couch. Anyone want the World’s Most Adorable Cat™? In  … Read More »

The Copper Evolution

After months of fine-tuning (a never-ending process, actually), we finally debuted the new live show, The Copper Revolution. Runtt, the robots, and I were joined by bassist Matt Pompei for the first crash site (Boston), and then managed to crash once again just a week later in Chattanooga. After two shows, the reception is already  … Read More »