The Three-Con Report

Runtt and I played three conventions in three consecutive weeks, each one with a different theme. Normally people write a post-con wrap-up after each weekend getaway, but chances are good most people don’t hit one every week! I’ve got photos from some of them, so click the big pictures to get to the galleries. Furthemore  … Read More »

Anyone Want A Cat?

UPDATE: Murphy now has a new home! Thanks to everyone who scoured their networks helping me find the right family to make him a part of. I’ll post a more detailed update later, but at this point my Adorable Fatball is happily weighing down someone else’s couch. Anyone want the World’s Most Adorable Cat™? In  … Read More »

The Copper Evolution

After months of fine-tuning (a never-ending process, actually), we finally debuted the new live show, The Copper Revolution. Runtt, the robots, and I were joined by bassist Matt Pompei for the first crash site (Boston), and then managed to crash once again just a week later in Chattanooga. After two shows, the reception is already  … Read More »

Riley Carbaugh: Animating The Revolution

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the three-minute concert intro being created by Canine Hybrid Creations is worth over four million words. And all of those words are “awesome”. Riley, the brains, pen, and smile behind Canine Hybrid, is the closest thing to an indie musician you can get without the music: She’s  … Read More »

Twas the Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the ship how the coffee was flowing at a blistering drip. The BMF drive was filled up with charges and both of the cargo bays packed full like barges. But while Captain Ebel slept soundly, like Runtt, the life support system was being a bastard. It seems  … Read More »

Live at the Coffee Bunker – CoHo™

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Would you work for free?

The short version is this: Most reality TV shows, some news programs, even a few prime-time hits play all kinds of music… without paying a dime for it. After being played (and paid) by Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Coke, and others, Whitey’s recent Facebook post has this response to yet another successful, profit-earning TV show  … Read More »

I Get To Do Cool Shit For A Living

Phase One of the Nerf Barricade steampunk conversion is complete: Main body colors changed from “please don’t shoot me, officer, this is a toy gun” to more subtle shades. The bright yellow became a hammered bronze look (which does that right out of the can… SCIENCE!). The orange parts became a more realistic gunmetal grey,  … Read More »

Live at Anthrocon – The Complete Concert

Our complete concert from Anthrocon 2013. 90 minutes of piano rock and dancing fuzzy things!

The Good Life – Live in Pittsburgh

Don’t forget, we’re playing THE ENTIRE CONCERT tomorrow night at 7pm EDT! Tune in at www.matthewebel.com/live