Cognitive Dissonance In Space

Over the past few months I’ve talked about cognitive dissonance in esoteric ways, sometimes involving esoteric words like “esoteric.” There’s been cognitive dissonance and critical thinking, cognitive dissonance and internal struggles, and of course cognitive dissonance in modern politics. Even if you’re not much of a philosopher, though, let me shine the CogDis spotlight on
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The Voodoo of Reamping

I recently mentioned “reamping” when talking about the new album and got a couple questions about… whatever the heck that word means. The definition is simple: It’s how modern recording artists save a shit-ton of money. Normally you’d think of guitar/bass recording as a guitarist in a recording studio with some huge amplifier stuffed into
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Music and Politics

I’m sure you’ve seen posts like that one. Maybe you’ve typed one yourself. Music and politics— hell, any art and politics —should never mix, right? We should just sing about love and falling in love and making love and bad breakups and makeup sex and birthday sex and, apparently, robots and ninjas. Right? Disgusting. To
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Top 10 Do’s And Dont’s of Patreon

I’m posting this piece today in honor of my good buddy Pepper Coyote and his shiny new Patreon. It’s about time! Are you thinking of jumping on Patreon or Bandcamp or some other straight-to-fans subscription system? Righteous. It’s exciting and fulfilling, but could also kill your career entirely. (Paying attention now? Good.) I’ve been doing
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Pareto’s Law of Album Creation

I recently announced on Kickstarter that I would trade my art budget for the chance to record real (not digital) piano tracks. Most people will never notice the difference, but I believe the money was absolutely well spent. The difference is subtle, but an important part of album creation. Take a listen: The first half
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Two Days in Mad Oak Studios

We just spent two full days replacing the drums and re-amping guitar/bass parts at Mad Oak Studios. Many, many thanks to Shelly, Greg, Karasu, Richard, and Earl for coming to the recording session, I hope you had a great time! As I said on the Kickstarter page, the drums sound ENORMOUS compared to the basement
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Cognitive Dissonance and the War on Critical Thinking

Cognitive dissonance is more than just inconsistency in your stated beliefs (i.e. “but her emails” vs. “Pence’s personal AOL account”). It’s a breakdown of critical thinking that allows you to believe in contradictory concepts without resolving them. Or, to put it simply, it’s a lack of questions. Or maybe just a lack of answers you’re
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A Cautionary Tail - Behind a Tiny Desk

My Tiny Desk Music Video

If you’re not familiar with NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series, it’s a little thing where they stick a band behind Bob Boilen’s diminutive credenza and music happens. That’s it, really! But the contest itself involves more than just an appearance on NPR, there’s a full-on tour involved. So I entered with THIS video (that you
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Is Prodo-1 Building an Artificial Me?

Apparently my robot buddy, Prodo-1, has been asking some questions of my email list (the Robot Army). I think he might be trying to replace me with some kind of artificial intelligence (or artificial stupidity like Prodo-2). Either way, I support the experiment. At least he’s got a hobby, right? The best part, though, has
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The Time to Question

I’m never sure what I’m trying to say. I’m never sure what I’m thinking, usually. My head is always full of questions. Yours is too, I’m guessing. But that is okay. Our determined stares hold back the flood of questions, but we must let them flow. The time to question is always right now. Question
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