Respectable Mr. Wah

HOSTP Art: “Respectable Mr. Wah” by B. Pavlica

A mostly-starving starship captain needs wealthy patrons to survive, and we were lucky enough to host a vinyl tycoon on his way back to earth. Yeah, you read that correctly, a vinyl tycoon. I don’t pretend to know what the music industry is doing, but I’ll be happy to take their money if they need
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Photo by Spikeo

Thank You, Anthrocon

I’ve had a full week to recover from Anthrocon, so I should probably tell you how awesome it was. To be honest, though, I didn’t see much of Anthrocon… what I took part in was a multi-day music fest with short bouts of costuming and drinking. This year seems to be the emergent year for
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Remixing “Join The Conversation”

My latest remix effort, taking a song I released in 2007 and giving it the punch it truly deserves. I say “remix”, but really it was a completely new creation from the ground up. The only original recording was the vocal track. I couldn’t do this kind of serious exploratory work without the support of
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I Want To See YOU At Anthrocon 2015

Fellow prisoners, Robot Army members, Officers, aliens, and sentient clouds… we are putting on a bigass concert at Anthrocon next month. We’re even going to be playing ALL of the songs from the new album, High Orbit Saves The Pandas! Remember that show we did two years ago? The one with, like, 800 people dancing
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The Speed Test – Live at TFF 2015

Fortran Prison’s evil Robot Warden demands testing subjects, and Captain Ebel is chosen to play “Join The Conversation” until he breaks. The ENTIRE VIDEO has been released exclusively to the Officer’s Club at – go sign up!


Who pays for a room party anyway?

If you’ve ever been to one of my shows, you know I’ve got an after-party after each of them. In fact, you may have seen people wearing wristbands with my name on them for the rest of the convention. At Fur the ‘More this past weekend, there were plenty of you who pitched in to
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Mr. Abrams – Live at TFF 2015

What happens when Fortran Prison’s evil Robot Warden demands a sacrif— er, volunteer from the audience? JD Puppy finds out as we play one of our newest songs, Mr. Abrams. Remember what I said last week about The Officer’s Club? Well if you join right now you’ll be able to see and download the entire
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Officer's Club Banner

Introducing the Officer’s Club

I can’t do this alone. Every captain needs a crew that’s backing him up and defending the ship against alien pirates, toxic space putty, and decaf. But a captain’s worst enemies aren’t evil intelligent beings, they’re frustration and obscurity. After all, this ain’t exactly Starfleet, I’m a small-time operator trying to punch big holes in
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Photo by ESO/L. Calçada

My Thoughts on Vision

There will always be people of limited vision telling us what’s impossible. I’ve planted my hopes and dreams in the fertile fields of sci-fi, fantasy, furry, and music because they are, by definition, the realms of unfettered vision. The kinds of people who dream of the impossible seem to inspire those who shave off the
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Congrats! High Orbit Saves The Pandas by Matthew Ebel is now playing on Pandora.

High Orbit Saves The Pandora

It’s hard to believe that it was two months ago I asked for help from the Robot Army to storm the gates of Pandora Radio. I was stunned that, after adding seven of my albums to their library, they would pass on the newest release (especially when it’s probably the best-sounding record I’ve released so
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