The Need to Feel “Better”

Warning: This song is NSFW, but you should listen to it anyway. Read the lyrics beforehand if you’re worried. So… here’s a song about my raging insecurities. Doesn’t that sound like fun? It’s not easy being with someone who often feels, as Jon Stewart put it, “embarrassingly superior to you.” Especially when you’re an artist,
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Looking Forward To A Year Of Failure

Photo by Mr. TinDC 2016 is going to be a year of failure. I embrace it. Something that annoys the hell out of me is my Fear of Failure. It’s the same fear that’s been there ever since grade school, like a zit that simply won’t go away. In fact, the world has given me
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The High Orbit Holiday Special

Merry Christmas from Matthew Ebel

Merry Christmas, Seuss Day, or whatever winter coldtime ritual is practiced on your planet! Ever since I moved the Officer’s Club to Patreon, I’ve been re-recording songs from Beer & Coffee with REAL drums (thank you, Runtt) and re-mixing them with the ten years of experience I’ve had since that album was released. Well, instead
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The Best Concert Video I’ve Ever Made

This is probably the best concert footage I’ve ever gotten. Not exaggerating. During our Anthrocon show, “Live at Fortran Prison”, Runtt and I were joined by Jared Clark (aka Pepper Coyote) and Foxamoore for one of the most magical on-stage moments I’ve ever experienced. Seriously, it gives me chills watching this and remembering how good
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Stop showing up for the beating.

Just in time for Black Friday, it’s a song about mindless consumerism! Aren’t I the opportunist? Actually, this one started as a song about not drinking shitty beer, but I couldn’t bring myself to write an entire song about JUST that. I mean, it’s a noble topic, but probably not worth more than an entire
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That’s It… I’m Getting Professional Help

I don’t normally do a hard-ask kind of message like this, but we’re so damn close I have to try. You see, since I jumped on board with Patreon to host my Officer’s Club, I’ve been amazed at how much more I’ve been able to create on a monthly basis. Part of it is a
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VIDEO: Night Train – Live at Fortran Prison

A song about having the courage to value yourself, not just becoming a toy in someone else’s box. From “Live at Fortran Prison”, on stage at Anthrocon 2015 in Pittsburgh. Don’t forget- members of the Officer’s Club can already download the entire video and audio without interruption! Join today at Oh yeah… and if
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The First Officer-Only Webcast is TONIGHT at 6pm

I’ve been webcasting since 2007, back when UStream was still useful and nobody else was doing anything like it. Now we’re going to test something new… A PRIVATE stream just for certain ranks of my Officer’s Club. I have no idea how well this will work, but it should be an interesting experiment! Anyhoo… once
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Beer & Coffee - Officer's Club Edition

The New Latté Days & Porter Nights

Holy crap, Beer & Coffee is ten years old now? Damn. I’ve been itching to re-visit this old album for a while now, especially now that I’ve learned a LOT about mixing my own records. Well thanks to my Officer’s Club, I’m now able to give this album the love it deserves. Well, almost… I
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The Sky’s The Limit

“I’m just not happy because my life didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.” Hey, join the fucking club… I thought I’d be the starting center fielder for the Boston Red Sox. Life sucks; get a fucking helmet. Denis Leary, “No Cure For Cancer” Dreams are a dangerous thing. The longer I cling
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