You’re Not Good Enough

“You’re not good enough.” I thought I’d shut that voice off years ago, back when podcasting was the shiny new thing that had to be explained to the parents. And yet I hear him now and again, whispering bitter nothings of discouragement at the most inopportune times. “You’re nothing special; there are a thousand musicians  … Read More »

A First Look at Mad Oak Studios

I believe in the same rule that Alton Brown has for homebrew supply stores: If it looks slick and well-decorated, you probably don’t want to be there. Mad Oak Studios just moved to a new building in Allston, MA, so when I headed there to scope the place out in person, it took me twenty  … Read More »

Creating a New Genre is a Serious Gamble

Sometimes it frightens me what my fans give me the courage to attempt. I’m trying to stay calm and collected about this whole High Orbit Saves The Pandas thing, but underneath I’m chewing my fingernails down to the cuticle. What the hell was I thinking trying to cram science fiction, rock music, and comedy into  … Read More »

Saving The Pandas, Raising The Bar

It’s been a good run for The Copper Revolution so far. I’d never tried to produce a theatrical, sci-fi-meets-steampunk piano rock show before, so this was something of a major gamble for me both artistically and professionally. Sure, I’ve been playing concerts for geeks for years now, but it felt like I was crossing over  … Read More »

Mixing It Like The Foo Fighters

So like anyone with taste, I’ve become a huge fan of the Foo Fighters. On top of the fact that Dave Grohl’s a geek and a mind-blowing performer, the dude’s also got an amazing voice, their music is interesting without being overproduced, and it runs the gamut from hardcore to soft and passionate. You’ve also  … Read More »

I Get To Do Cool Shit For A Living

Phase One of the Nerf Barricade steampunk conversion is complete: Main body colors changed from “please don’t shoot me, officer, this is a toy gun” to more subtle shades. The bright yellow became a hammered bronze look (which does that right out of the can… SCIENCE!). The orange parts became a more realistic gunmetal grey,  … Read More »

10 Rules for Writing Your First Draft

Re-blogged with permission (hell, even encouragement) from Copyblogger.

I Can’t Solder (In Bed)

You know you do it, I do too. You end every fortune cookie with a given phrase: …in bed. …except in bed. …with animals. (My old church youth leader taught us that one, actually.) Here’s a new one for you: Yet. There’s a huge difference between “I can’t do that” and “I can’t do that  … Read More »

How Twitter Can Help Your Storytelling Skills

If you weren’t there at FWA 2013, you may have missed the fact that I told the entire story of The Lives of Dexter Peterson between songs while on stage. The concert was scheduled for 90 minutes, but at least an hour of that was all music and applause breaks. How the heck was I  … Read More »

Telling Stories Through Song

I’ll admit, I’m a little nervous about this Saturday’s show at FWA. I’ve never used an entire concert to tell one story before. Usually I just sort of shoot the shit between songs, making corny jokes and employing every attention getting device in my arsenal. Usually I leave the storytelling to the songs: Jesse: An  … Read More »