Oktoberbash 2014 Is On

If you’re a Matthew Ebel Officer or Entourage member, you’re invited to party with me in Boston! The sixth annual Beer Bash is happening, this time with an Oktoberfest theme. That’s right, we made 10 gallons of Oktoberfest-style ale, a ton of pretzels, and we’ll be making beer brats in a way most of you  … Read More »

The Copper Revolution – Live at Arisia Now Available!

Our first show as an outer-space trio. Our first show at Arisia, Boston’s biggest sci-fi convention. Our first show with video cues, robot dialogue, and a bona-fide villain trying to take us down. And now it’s yours! I’m hoping to get the HD video from Arisia, but that may take a while. In the mean  … Read More »

The 2012 VIP Beer Bash is Coming!

It’s that time of year again… time for food, beer, music, and a chance to meet with other Matthew Ebel dot net VIP’s! The fourth annual Beer Bash is coming up in Mid-September and all the Veeps are invited. What? You’re not a Matthew Ebel dot net VIP? Don’t worry, it’s not too late to  … Read More »

Limited Palette Doesn’t Mean Limited Potential

I swear, I don’t base my blog posts on what C.C. Chapman writes in the morning, but today it seems we’re writing about the same subject:  How limitations spark creativity.  Kudos for beating me to it, Mr. C., you win this time… The album I’ve been working on for the past year and a half  … Read More »

I Know You’re There – Live at FC 2012

  ♫ PLAY  | ☟  DOWNLOAD This month I played what I believe is only my third west-coast concert after leaving the Christian Music scene…  The folks at Further Confusion not only invited me to play their awesome convention, they made me one of this year’s Guests of Honor.  How cool is that?  It was a  … Read More »

Matthew Ebel dot net Now Takes Google Checkout

It’s amazing what the letter S can do to technology. No, this is not a post about the iPhone 4s or the Nintendo DS or even a mythical iPad 2s (and now I watch as SEO nerds’ heads explode). No, this is something more traditional that I recently added to Matthew Ebel dot net: a  … Read More »

Photos from the 2011 VIP Beer Bash

The Beer Bash was absolutely awesome this year. More than twice the crowd of last year’s VIP’s showed up for 2011 and yet, somehow, we managed to feed and en-beer-inate all of them properly. Some of them came from as far away as Washington state, Louisiana, Florida, and Texas. One even came all the way  … Read More »

The 2011 VIP Beer Bash is ON

Tickets for the 2011 VIP Beer Bash on September 17, 2011 are now available! Every year, the Matthew Ebel dot net VIP’s gather at my studio for a day of fun, relaxation, a brewery tour, and a sampling of the ale that I make myself. This year, though, there are some extra incentives to join  … Read More »

Thank You, Member #269

One of my Matthew Ebel dot net members canceled their subscription yesterday, forever. My system knew her as Member #269, but I knew her by name. Normally this isn’t worth a blog entry; it happens every month. Some of my loyal superfans hit rough economic bumps and just can’t stay on board. After her subscription  … Read More »

Photos from the Furry Fiesta 2011 Members-Only Party

I held my first-ever Members-Only After-Party at Texas Furry Fiesta 2011 and, according to the smiles I see all over these photos, it was a success. Nothing like some local beer and friends- many of whom I’d never met in person until that weekend. And we only got one noise complaint from another hotel guest!  … Read More »