Beer & Coffee - Officer's Club Edition

Tennessee Never Cried – One for the Officers

And now another one just for my Officer’s Club… Tennessee Never Cried! Back in 2004 when I wrote this, I actually hoped to find a local string quartet I could borrow to play behind the piano. Unfortunately, musicians like to be paid… and talented string players in Nashville get paid a lot. And I was
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See Goodbye Planet Earth LIVE!

Goodbye Planet Earth LIVE On Stage

I’m so excited I could explode. Runtt and I will be performing all of my album “Goodbye Planet Earth” synchronized to the 2005 movie “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” LIVE ONSTAGE this March! It’s been a while since I could announce this, but we always ask. The last time we did this was at
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Bringing Piano Rock To The World

Look where I’m going to be this year! March 11-13 – Dallas, TX Texas Furry Fiesta April 8-10 – Tyson’s Corner, VA Fur the ‘More August 25-29 – Algonquin Provincial Park, ONT Camp Feral Guest of Honour! I’m really looking forward to putting together a whole new piano rock show for 2016. We’re taking things
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Join me for the annual Beer Bash!

Next weekend is my annual Beer Bash, held at my place in Waltham, MA. Man, I can’t believe this is the seventh annual shindig. In a week of years, I’ve learned so much and been able to DO so much thanks to my supporters, subscribers, and friends. Normally, this event is limited only to my
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Meet Patreon

On, On, to Patreon

And with that, you (the fans) overwhelmingly shouted “just go to Patreon already.” Alright, let’s do this. A lot of shit is gonna change, though. I’ve been running a subscription-based system for seven years and Patreon is unlike anything I’ve encountered or concocted thus far. It’s also got the potential to drive even better creative
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HOSTP Digital Vinyl

HOSTP “Digital Vinyl” Version Launches Today

The “Digital Vinyl” version of High Orbit Saves The Pandas will be released EXCLUSIVELY to my Officer’s Club today. Wait… what is DIGITAL VINYL? It’s the next best thing to actual vinyl: These are the files that WOULD have been etched into vinyl if we’d made it that far. Differences in mastering give the music
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Coming Back to FWA 2015

Register now at Runtt and I are heading BACK to Furry Weekend Atlanta for our first performance there since 2011! If you’ve been following me for more than a year or two, you know that FWA is one of my favorite cons and it’s the first that ever made me a GoH, so I’m
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High Orbit Arts The Pandas

My new sci-fi adventure album now comes with brand-new artwork, photos from the recording studio and concerts, and original lyric workbook scans. Get your copy now at before this planet runs out of trees!


It’s Slacker-Backer Time!

So if you hadn’t noticed, we made it to about 300% of our initial goal on Kickstarter! But now what? Well, until we get all the goodies assembled we can still take backers who may have missed the month-long campaign. The Kickstartering (that’s a word, dammit) may be over, but thanks to the miracle of
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Oktoberbash 2014 Is On

If you’re a Matthew Ebel Officer or Entourage member, you’re invited to party with me in Boston! The sixth annual Beer Bash is happening, this time with an Oktoberfest theme. That’s right, we made 10 gallons of Oktoberfest-style ale, a ton of pretzels, and we’ll be making beer brats in a way most of you
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