Creating a New Genre is a Serious Gamble

Sometimes it frightens me what my fans give me the courage to attempt. I’m trying to stay calm and collected about this whole High Orbit Saves The Pandas thing, but underneath I’m chewing my fingernails down to the cuticle. What the hell was I thinking trying to cram science fiction, rock music, and comedy into  … Read More »

Matthew Ebel’s Laws of Touring: The Drive

I’ve played concerts all over the USA and there’s one constant that most touring musicians already know: People don’t know how to drive. Seattle drivers are maniacs, Boston drivers are assholes, Nashville drivers are NASCAR wanna-be’s, and Ohio drivers are most likely taking a power nap behind the wheel. Everywhere else, the drivers are an  … Read More »

Would you work for free?

The short version is this: Most reality TV shows, some news programs, even a few prime-time hits play all kinds of music… without paying a dime for it. After being played (and paid) by Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Coke, and others, Whitey’s recent Facebook post has this response to yet another successful, profit-earning TV show  … Read More »

Building a MIDI-Controlled Light Show via Arduino, Part One

Professional stage lighting is big, heavy, expensive, and complicated. Then again, professional album creation used to be that way too- you’d pay session players, spend $1,000 an hour on studio time, and even more on artwork and CD replication. With that in mind, I wanted to figure out how to create effect lighting (think colors,  … Read More »

Matthew’s Throat vs. The Evils of Commerce

It’s a cruel, double-edged sword, this convention thing. On the positive side, I get to meet all kinds of cool people wearing cool outfits and wielding cool props. On the negative, every dealer’s den (or sales floor, etc.) is the same torturous shout-fest no matter which convention I go to. Anthrocon‘s aircraft-hangar-sized room is by  … Read More »

Top Ten Ways to Get and Keep Twitter Followers

Any time you need to promote something, send an @ to everyone you’re following. It’s best if you send it to three or more names at a time so they know it’s a personal message. Bitch at people who unfollow you. That’ll guilt-trip them into following you again, and this time they’ll think twice about  … Read More »

The View Ahead

The following is a response I sent to a reporter from Billboard asking for comments on the future of the music industry. Don’t know if they’ll quote any of it, but here’s a slightly modified version of what I said. I’m a full-time piano rocker (meaning I don’t play cover gigs, don’t have a day  … Read More »

And Now A Word From My Mother

So I, like a lot of you, got an email from Tim Westergren- founder and CEO of Pandora Radio. They’re asking ordinary listeners like you, me, and my mother to write our congress critters about the Internet Radio Fairness Act (H.R. 6480 and S. 3609). Essentially, they want internet radio stations to pay the same  … Read More »

Interview about Copyrights on The Illusion of More

Earlier this week I was interviewed by David Newhoff from The Illusion of More about copyrights, file sharing, intellectual property, and the broader ramifications of being a dick. As David said: Matthew’s strategy for forging a career in the age of file-sharing, torrents, and remixes is to do all he can to introduce his listeners  … Read More »

Running Away From The Music Business

This statement is for independent musicians, by an independent musician: Get away- far, far away -from the Music Business. I’m not telling you to give up music or stop trying to earn your living in this space. Far from it, there is so much opportunity here that the biggest challenge is deciding which path you  … Read More »