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As I’ve always said, f*ck censorship.

However, not everyone feels that way. So as promised on the back of the CD, you can now get censored versions of the saucier tracks from High Orbit Saves The Pandas in case you want to play the album in mixed company. The tracks are available exclusively at as a pay-what-you-want download.

Why PG-13? Well as much as I’d like to make the album appropriate for all ages (like my seven-year-old nephew)… it ain’t. With key moments revolving around alcoholism, hotel-room debauchery, and my robots calling me a lesbian, trying to make the album “family friendly” wouldn’t make sense. Most of the jokes would fly right over young children’s heads anyway, so fundamentally changing the script just isn’t worth the trouble.

After all, I didn’t write this album for kids. I wrote it for those of us who remember Star Trek IV fondly enough to spend our weekends at Sci-Fi cons decades later.

There were really only three tracks in need of de-obscenitizing:

  • Red Alert: The second adventure segment with a couple of choice words.
  • The Opening Band: There are replacement tracks for the in-adventure and single versions.
  • Mr. Abrams: The in-adventure and single versions are identical, so just one replacement is needed.

So go take a listen at!

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On the Cover of Proud Times Magazine Mon, 20 Apr 2015 17:00:56 +0000 + Read More]]> Proud Times Magazine - Issue 11 Cover Spokane’s Proud Times, an LGBT-focused culture magazine, recently interviewed me about music, life, sexuality, and outer space. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever been really open about my sexuality in a media interview, though most of the focus was on music, life in Spokane, and growing up as a geek. The entire magazine, with interview by Dean Ellerbusch, is available online. Here are a few choice moments though…

On Mixing Sci-Fi and Music

It took me literally until 2012 to figure out that one of the big loves of my life (sci-fi, fantasy, escapist reality) could be crossed over with the other big love in my life (music). …But once I started thinking about it, it just made sense. And to my knowledge, nobody was really doing anything like that— except maybe the Aquabats.

On Artistic Freedom

…one of the major reasons I got out of the Christian music business had nothing to do with religion or sexuality. It had to do with the fact that every single song and every single album for the rest of my career was going to have to be about the same topic… Even though I really like the sci-fi vibe, I’m not just going to write about robots…I can’t limit myself to one narrow area when life is so much bigger than any of that…

So my songs– while they might not be the sci-fi genre –I choose to express them in those terms…because it’s just another aspect of who I am and what I’m into.

On Religion and Sexuality

One of the things that helps me reconcile Christianity and my bisexuality was one of the classes that I took at Whitworth, actually… When you understand that these texts…began as oral tradition passed down by spoken word, and then became written Hebrew which has neither punctuation nor spaces nor vowels. You’re basically trying to interpret the Old Testament, if the Old Testament was written in ‘license plate.’… Most of the Gospels were really just based on the Gospel of Mark which was written years and years after Christ’s death.

Now, think about this, the Constitution of the United States of America was written in English, on paper, by people that we can trace their lineage, they took notes, we know exactly what happened to go into that document… The original document is still on display. And we still don’t know what they mean by ‘a well regulated militia.’

What it all comes down to is… Christ says, ‘you have to come to him like a little child.’ And little children don’t presume to know all the answers. They come wanting to learn.

My only real complaint is that none of the photos were credited and I was given permission to use those photos by some wonderful friends who do this for a living. So here’s a list of the folks whose photos they grabbed from my photo library:

And now, the attempt to embed the magazine right here before your very eyes. If this doesn’t display properly, just check out the interview online!

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My New Single: Ride Thu, 16 Apr 2015 20:04:40 +0000 + Read More]]>

The latest single from my new album, High Orbit Saves The Pandas

This one’s about running full-speed into the great unknown, wanting someone alongside you for the adventure. The song features Runtt on the drums, Matt Pompei on Bass, and features a new friend Rosco on guitars.

If you like what you hear, PLEASE support the album by picking up a copy on CD, MP3, Lossless, or WAV at – you can even get shirts AND the art book too!

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Coming Back to FWA 2015 Fri, 27 Mar 2015 18:00:22 +0000 + Read More]]>

Register now at

Runtt and I are heading BACK to Furry Weekend Atlanta for our first performance there since 2011! If you’ve been following me for more than a year or two, you know that FWA is one of my favorite cons and it’s the first that ever made me a GoH, so I’m really excited!

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The Treasure Trove of Memories I’ve Tried to Forget Tue, 24 Mar 2015 22:49:13 +0000 + Read More]]>

While on vacation in Seattle, my mother uncovered an enormous box of old tapes, mostly mine. Some of them date back to my first days as a sentient human being, but most of them are early recordings of stuff I wrote or performed in my teenage years. She seemed only too happy to cue them up and listen to the lot of them, even suggesting a few old songs I could re-work and re-release as an adult.

The truth is that most of that stuff is painful for me to listen to. It’s not the quality of my singing- which was terrible -or my songwriting ability- which was abysmal. I mean, I wasn’t even old enough to shave when some of these tapes were made, so I’m not expecting the seasoned performer that I’ve become to shine through something I taped in 1996. But my mother didn’t seem to understand my refusal to start listening until I explained myself.

These tapes are a time capsule from the most awkward, uncertain, insecure period of my life that I have literally spent the last twenty years trying to overcome. Are the songs about that insecurity? Of course not. Most of it’s upbeat Christian pop that I wrote because I thought that’s what other people wanted to hear. You won’t find a trace of my awkwardness in the lyrics, but when I listen to those old songs it’s all I can hear.

They’re a portrait of a kid too chicken-shit to take risks with self-expression and so desperate for the approval of others that his words were largely empty. The kid who was never popular, so he copied the actions of his peers and hoped he’d find success mirroring the successful. Lyrics of confidence sung by a phenomenally gifted liar.

I’ve always been a good liar. Hell, I’ll bet you think I’m making enough money to pay rent next month. Maybe I haven’t grown up that much after all.

I understand the importance of hanging on to these old recordings, if only for archival purposes. I may even browse through them someday when I’m on an emotional high and can withstand the hit. But until then, Mom can keep the treasure trove of her happy memories. She remembers the kid that sung all those tunes rather fondly, but I’ve been trying like hell not to be him for far too long.

One of these days, I might remember that kid more fondly too.

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New Album Update – The Boxes are OUT Fri, 06 Mar 2015 20:26:26 +0000 + Read More]]>
So for the last week now, my living room has been something like this. CD’s, envelopes, boxes, art books, lens flare generators, water bottles, shirts, MORE shirts… I’ve managed to get all the pre-order stuff out the door without going insane! I just wish I could’ve actually cloned myself, would’ve gotten it all done in a day.

So what about those folks that DIDN’T pre-order the new album? Well, unfortunately, it’s now too late to get stuff like the Personalized Shirts and autographed CD’s. However, you can still pre-order the album itself before its official release at the end of the month, and you’ll get an immediate download of one of the new tracks too!

In fact, here’s a taste of the new album right now (warning: may contain adult language):

So while my awesome Kickstarter backers and Officer’s Club members wait for their goodie bags and boxes, you don’t have to be left out!

Pre-order the new album, “High Orbit Saves The Pandas”, over at Bandcamp now!
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Some Live Recordings from Arisia 2015 Tue, 17 Feb 2015 21:55:53 +0000

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get this FREE album.


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HOSTP Art: “Panda-stic Concert” by Milena Briceño Sat, 24 Jan 2015 13:00:02 +0000 + Read More]]>

Pre-Order the adventure now!

How in the world do you coax giant pandas into the back of a shuttlecraft? Apparently, by mesmerizing them with music. Of course, the little one looks like he knows better than to trust this guy, but the other pandas seem impressed with… well, let’s face it, Prodo-1’s interpretive dance.

This piece is one of the works that’ll be available in the official HOSTP Art Book, along with photos form the studio, lyric workbook scans, and more. Milena Briceño’s sumi-e style came highly recommended from a friend and I love the result!

High Orbit Saves The Pandas Get the album, shirts, the art book, and more at
before it’s too late!

Art by Milena Briceño

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Mixing High Orbit Saves The Pandas Wed, 07 Jan 2015 16:03:59 +0000

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Footage from the recording of my second adventure album, “High Orbit Saves The Pandas”. Mostly just drums and re-amping the bass and guitars, but still fun to watch.

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High Orbit Arts The Pandas Thu, 11 Dec 2014 18:07:22 +0000

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My new sci-fi adventure album now comes with brand-new artwork, photos from the recording studio and concerts, and original lyric workbook scans. Get your copy now at before this planet runs out of trees!

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