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Listen to Matthew’s first full-length dance concert! After a decade of piano rock and singer-songwriter shows, Matthew has launched into all-new territory: progressive house. This live recording from Pittsburgh, PA is a sneak peek at the upcoming album, tentatively titled Children of the Stars.

Cognitive Dissonance

Topics like self-doubt, consumerism, and disenfranchisement are matched with equal levels of empowerment, hope, and even the humor Matthew’s fans have come to expect.

As Ebel describes it, “we build walls because actually solving conflicts is difficult. In reality, though, those walls are just thin panes of glass. When that glass breaks and you actually have to figure out what you believe… that is cognitive dissonance.”

The name Cognitive Dissonance belies the cohesion of the album. Infusing piano and soaring vocals with loud, raw, 90’s-alternative-inspired guitar and drums brings out the best of both worlds.

Adventure Albums

Album-length adventures featuring Captain Ebel and his robot buddies. Based on Matthew’s High Orbit universe, these albums are one part new music, one part radio drama. Buckle up and prepare for launch…


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The Older Stuff

Matthew’s got a lot of other albums he recorded in his home studio over the years. Enjoy some of the fan favorites from his older archives!