Goodbye Planet Earth

The title track from the album "Goodbye Planet Earth"

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Jen Seng
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From the album Goodbye Planet Earth


I got a letter from a chick, said the sky it was falling
and sure enough I saw a crack in the morning sun.
They got the press corps and made sure the cameras were rolling.
Instead of swinging for the fence, they told me not to scare everyone.

So goodbye, planet Earth, would it be okay
if I got on my knees and I started to pray?
Goodbye planet Earth, I got nothing to say
except thanks for all the stuff in my brain.

We sent a man to the moon, but then we sent a baboon to the white house.
I guess we thought it was worth a shot, but who knew?
The astronaut got some rocks, took a shot, and got back into orbit,
but he was shocked when he saw all the politicians flinging poo.

…thanks for Kevin Reeves and the stage.

I started packing ’cause I saw the giant crack in the levy
and the words of the prophets were splattered all over the wall.
I wanted to fly ’round the world to see what I’d be missing,
but I can’t get on the plane ’cause my shampoo could kill us all.

…thanks for intellectual babes.

So long, I’ll miss you, goodbye,
you can’t tell me that I didn’t try.
When I leave you’ll see a tear in my eye,
you were the best planet that money could buy.

…thanks for all the friends that I made.

…thanks for all the fish and the rain.

Music and Lyrics © Matthew Ebel Entertainment