Cognitive Dissonance

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Matthew Ebel is an American musician, voice actor, and author whose performances have kept him at the forefront of modern technology and made him Guest of Honor at geek conventions nationwide. Learn more…

A Leaner, Meaner Website

A Leaner, Meaner Website

If this isn’t your first time here then you’ve obviously noticed a dramatic facelift to this place. After two and a half weeks of staring at a screen, I am finally done updating the site! That means I’ll probably have broken a LOT of stuff. Seriously. If you encounter anything amiss, PLEASE send me an
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Guest Post on Music Success in 9 Weeks

Guest Post on Music Success in 9 Weeks

My friend and frequent inspiration Ariel Hyatt just featured me over at her blog for indie musicians, Music Success in Nine Weeks. If you’re a regular reader here, you’ve already seen this post, but she says some really nice things about me. Not a bad way to start the year- sweet compliments from a really
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