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Performance Videos

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I Wish I Were  ♫ PLAY  | ⇓  DOWNLOAD

Get Over It  ♫ PLAY  | ⇓  DOWNLOAD

Lost on Block Island  ♫ PLAY  | ⇓  DOWNLOAD

Drive Away  ♫ PLAY  | ⇓  DOWNLOAD

I Will Wait For You  ♫ PLAY  | ⇓  DOWNLOAD

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All photos here are licensed for promotional use by venues that have booked me and publications writing about me.

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I call myself a piano rocker, but I’m really just kind of a goofball. I’ve been playing the piano since age 5, discovered electronic music at 12, and made this stuff my career in 1999. Since then I’ve played at the Grand Ole Opry, been quoted in Rolling Stone, and made a name for myself in new media circles. I’ve been able to play piano rock full-time since 2007 and since then I’ve never looked back.

People tell me that they’re fans because I write some funny stuff, some emotionally charged stuff, and I tend to experiment with my sound a lot. I’ll take their word for it, but you can find out for yourself by listening to the samples above or buying an album. All I know is that I like to get on stage and have a good time, usually getting the crowd involved whenever possible.

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Quotes & Reviews

Recently, Chattacon was fortunate to have Matthew Ebel as a Musical Guest and I have to say, we were delighted with both the performance and the turnout for the show. Mr. Ebel’s show is highly entertaining and tailor made for fans of sci-fi and all types of geeky media! Additionally, he was very professional and very fan friendly! I would highly recommend his services!

Lani Brooks – Programming Director, Chattacon 2014

Recently, I was able to schedule Matthew Ebel for a performance. Matthew was appearing at Total Confusion, a gaming convention, in Mansfield, MA…I can honestly tell you that I was not disappointed.

Even before the official show began Matthew was very engaged with his audience. He was in the process of setting up his equipment and he chatted with the first folks who came through the door. He was witty, and very welcoming while waiting for the crowd to show.

…The audience for this show was smaller than Matthew has had before but that didn’t hinder his energy level at all. He treated this gathering as if he were playing for hundreds of folks. He also welcomed any late comers. It reminded me of the old shows that Harry Chapin would do where he would talk one on one to the audience during a show. It was very personable and never felt staged.

I would highly recommend Matthew Ebel as a performer. He is entertaining and would add a level of fun to any party, convention or gathering.

Jenn Gerber, Total Confusion 2014

For both the 2012 and 2013 runs of [Further Confusion], Matthew has poured tremendous personal energy making our event bigger and better for our members. The easy spirit collaboration he has engendered with our technical staff while offering them fun and realistic production challenges have produced shows that can only be described as amazing.

The energy Matthew places into preparation and production for his performance is eclipsed only by the energy he throws into his actual live performance. He has a genuine concern that the crowd is not just entertained but blown away every single time he steps up to the keyboard. Every filled seat in our auditorium wears a grin when Matthew and his crew are doing their thing; this man rocks hard and the crowd feels it!

Matthew is also one of the most kind and generous souls I have ever met, a pleasure to work with at all levels, and just a really fun and completely approachable guy. He is a rare combination of qualities and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him bringing great entertainment to Further Confusion’s members.

If it were entirely up to me I’d book Matthew and his crew for Further Confusion from now until the end of time!

Sean Wally – Business Director, Further Confusion 2014 Chairman, Further Confusion 2013

Matthew and Runtt have always been fantastic to work with. The quality of their performance and their interaction with the crowd is genuine and wonderful. From songs that move you to songs that make you get up and move, they’ve got a great show covered. I would be more than happy to work with Matthew and Runtt at Anthrocon and other shows in the future.

Keith “Oddy” Lesinski – Assistant A/V Director, Anthrocon

Rolling Stone Feb. 17 2011 “Pandora is the first true music meritocracy,” says independent musician Matthew Ebel (an artist likely to pop up in a Ben Folds Five station). “The fact that there is no fat guy in a ponytail and suit in Chicago determining what 20 songs they are going to play is a huge thing.

Andrew Leonard – Rolling Stone, Feb. 17 2011
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In 2004, [Adam] Curry created one of the earliest podcasts, “The Daily Source Code.” Ebel’s music was featured. The podcast world embraced him, Curry says, and now that audience watches Ebel’s weekly concerts. While big artists like Snoop Dog and the Jonas Brothers are also using UStream, Curry calls Ebel a pioneer for creating an immersive experience for fans.

Andrea Shea – WBUR
Hear The Interview  ♫ PLAY  | ⇓  DOWNLOAD

Matthew is the type of artist I refer to in my book as a “Builder” meaning Matthew is constantly pushing his career forward using not only musical innovation but also technology.

Ariel Hyatt –

Getting out on the road to build an audience is a constant struggle for the average indie artist… But what if you could take your show around the world without moving a single guitar amp or eating another drive- thru meal? Now you can! Indie artists like Matthew Ebel have harnessed the power of online services like UStream to accomplish just that.

Kevin Breuner – CD Baby DIY Podcast

Calling a musician an entertainer seems redundant, but donʼt be fooled: Ebel is a performerʼs performer, a showman onstage and off. I purchased no fewer than four copies of his latest album, and got friends to buy the rest of what he had on him…Matthew has a future, and I hope he remembers me when heʼs selling out arenas.

Chris Brogan – LinkedIn Recommendation

His catchy hooks, comical lyrics and deep soulful piano playing will have his songs stuck in your head from the first listening…this album is a must have.

CC Chapman – iTunes Customer Review

The growth of social networking— from podcasting networks to MySpace, Facebook and Second Lifeʼs virtual-reality socializing —is, in the eyes of techie indie musicians like Ebel, shifting the music-business model ‘for the benefit of the independent performer.’ It works best, Ebel says, ‘if you stay on top of it.’

Nicole Keiper – The Tennessean

…we looked at Matthew Ebel, whose experiments with giving fans a subscription service that provides new music and additional opportunities for access are working quite well. In that case, he’s obviously using access, authenticity and exclusivity along with belonging and patronage.

Mike Masnick –

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Venues Played

Center Stage

  • The Roxy – Boston, MA
    VON 2007 VIP Party
  • David L. Lawrence Convention Center – Pittsburgh, PA
    Anthrocon 2010, 2012, 2013
  • San Jose Convention Center – San Jose, CA
    Further Confusion 2012-2013, Guest of Honor 2012
  • Ontario Convention Center – Ontario, CA
    Portable Media Expo 2007
  • The Metropolitan Performing Arts Center – Spokane, WA
    Lilac Festival Variety Show 1992-2001
  • Bard College
  • North Country Community College
  • The Hilton Atlanta – Atlanta, GA
    FWA 2008-2010, Guest of Honor 2009
  • The Sheraton Atlanta – Atlanta, GA
    FWA 2011-2012
  • The Hotel ML – Mt. Laurel, NJ
    FA:United 2010, 2011
  • Radisson WorldGate Orlando – Orlando, FL
    Megaplex 2009, 2010
  • Wyndham Jacksonville Riverwalk – Jacksonville, FL
    Megaplex 2008
  • Hyatt Regency O’Hare – Rosemont, IL
    MFF 2010
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel – Addison, TX
    Furry Fiesta 2011
  • Antheria – Los Angeles, CA
    Performer/Speaker 2010, 2011
  • AS220 – Providence, RI
  • Ballard’s Inn – Block Island, RI
    As The Nashville Duo
  • The Big Bang – Nashville, TN
  • The Bluebird Café – Nashville, TN
  • All Asia – Boston, MA
  • The French Quarter Café – Nashville, TN
  • The Lizard Lounge – Cambridge, MA
  • Midway Café – Jamaica Plain, MA
  • Sambuca – Nashville, TN
  • Unums – Nashua, NH
  • There Video Lounge – Pittsburgh, PA

Backing Keyboardist/Vocalist

  • The Grand Ole Opry – Nashville, TN
    With Billy Currington
  • The Flying Saucer – Nashville, TN
    With The Peter Moon Band
  • Opryland Hotel – Nashville, TN
    With The Peter Moon Band

Speaking Engagements

  • 140 Characters Conference NYC – Manhattan, NY
    Performer/Speaker 2010, 2011
  • 140 Characters Conference Boston – Boston, MA
    Speaker 2010
  • Podcamp Boston – Boston, MA
    Performer/Speaker 2007, 2009, 2010
  • Podcamp New York – Brooklyn, NY
    Performer/Speaker 2008
  • Podcamp Philly – Philadelphia, PA
    Speaker 2008, 2009

Awards & Accolades

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