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    High Orbit Saves The pandas

    Planet Earth is in dire peril and there’s only one brave crew that can save it. Of course, they’re also in peril, so Matthew Ebel and his crew will have to do it instead. There’s time-travel, endangered species, plot holes, comedy, and plenty of piano rock in this sci-fi musical adventure. Read More ☛

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    The Lives of Dexter Peterson

    The Lives of Dexter Peterson is a two-part project from Matthew Ebel. Based on a novella written by Ebel, the album and story are about a boy from New York City who finds himself inexplicably jumping from one life to the next, as though someone were changing the channels of his life and he’s the star of every single show. He can’t explain why nor can he see a pattern, all he knows is that a girl named Alexandria seems to follow him from one life to the next. Read More ☛

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    Goodbye Planet Earth

    Not just a mere collection of singles, Matthew’s fourth solo album is a journey that takes the listener on an outer-space adventure. The album combines highly electronic elements like synthesizers and loops with raw vocals, pianos, pennywhistles, and more. Read More ☛

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    Beer & Coffee

    The piano-rock debut album that made Matthew famous among podcasters, written over four years and produced entirely in Garageband. Read More ☛

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    Songs from the Vault, vol. 1

    Matthew’s first collection of singles released through Matthew Ebel dot net, featuring songs about love, Christmas, and gentle Twittering. Read More ☛

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    Songs from the Vault, vol. 2

    In the second volley of singles from Matthew Ebel dot net, we explore the worlds of video game assassins, nerds in high school, slacker musicians, and stuff you can do with junk mail. Read More ☛

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    Songs from the Vault, vol. 3

    The third installment of singles from Matthew Ebel dot net, this collection contains everything from floods to remixes to songs about… chickens? Read More ☛

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    The High Orbit Holiday Special

    Captain Ebel takes on an (alleged) evil intergalactic carnivore overlord in this outer-space adventure set in Christmas future. Very, VERY future. In fact, so future that people can’t even remember a time when people bought gifts! Read More ☛