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I’ve been a secret-agent space werewolf, military leaders, sinister aliens, and young warriors in Richard L. Sanders’ “Phoenix Conspiracy” Audiobooks. I’ve been a disgruntled cop battling the zombie hordes in the hit game Contagion. I’m the drill instructor that leads you on the USS Iowa’s official audio tour. I’ve also breathed life into countless mind-numbing medical and technical training videos.

I’ve played at the Grand Ole Opry, been quoted in Rolling Stone, been cited as a music business innovator in books by Martin Atkins, Dave Kusek, and Simon Tam, and made a name for myself in new media circles as a musician, podcaster, and freelance producer. I own my own studio and have been producing my own material since 2007.

My specialties are:

  • High-energy promo reads (movie trailer, sports commercial, etc.)
  • Audiobook narration (with or without character voices)
  • Old-timey radio/newsreel announcers
  • Highly technical reads (I can manage convoluted polysyllables from medical or technological training copy)

Contact me directly at 503-40-MUSIC, by email, or connect via my LinkedIn profile.

About The Voice

The Basics

  • Male
  • Sounds 20’s-30’s
  • Ranges from baritone to tenor
  • Smooth sound, little or no “gravel”
  • Professional singer

Reading Styles

  • Announcer (Radio, DJ, Game Show, Cheesy Smarm Deluxe)
  • Aggressive, Energized
  • Animated
  • Attitude, Arrogant, Sarcastic
  • Conversational
  • Soothing
  • Flat Narration (Audiobook, Disclaimer)
  • Dramatic, Suspenseful
  • Comedic, Character
  • Promotional, Professional (Commercial, Video Narration)

Special Talents

  • Beatboxing
  • Singing

Technical Info

  • Can record audio in home studio or in the Boston area.
  • Willing to travel if expenses are covered.
  • Microphones: Røde NT-2A, AKG C214 (Large Diaphragm Condensers)
  • DAW: Apple Logic Pro 9
  • Deliverable Audio Formats: 16- or 24-bit, 44.1-96kHz AIFF, WAV, MP3, AAC, or Apple Lossless (stereo or mono)
  • Delivery Methods: WeTransfer, DropBox, Google Drive, overnight CD/DVD (at client’s expense)

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