Photo by Spikeo

Photo by Spikeo

Chances are good you’re here because you listened to my music, heard my voice in a video game or audiobook, or joined my mailing list at a live performance recently. Welcome! Let me give you the brief tour of who I am and how I became a piano rocker in a space suit.

While you’re reading, why not listen to some tunes? Here’s one of my favorite albums, The Lives of Dexter Peterson, to keep your ears company.

What I Do

By now you’ve figured out that I make music. A lot of it. I’ve been playing piano since I was 5, took voice lessons since I was 16, and even got my degree in Music before going full-time. I’ve played in Lutheran churches, coffee houses, shitty bars, the Grand Ole Opry, Furry conventions, and was one of the pioneers of podcasting and live video streaming (at least according to Adam Curry, anyway).

Photo by Dan Orlowitz

Photo by Dan Orlowitz

My main thing is putting on fun, sci-fi-themed live concerts at geek conventions of all flavors and sizes. Though I’ve been making music my whole life, I discovered this calling around 2012 and finally put it into action at the beginning of 2014. I do a lot more than just play songs onstage, my robots and I fight interstellar tyrants, break out of alien prisons, and take audiences on an adventure with us through a 90-minute stage show. Frankly, I have the best job on planet Earth.

Aside from all that, though, I also work as voice talent on the side. Beyond the usual commercials and training videos, I’ve been lucky enough to narrate the entire Phoenix Conspiracy audiobook series by Richard L. Sanders. Yup, I get to be a secret-agent space werewolf. Professionally. I’ve also been a zombie-hunter in the PC video game Contagion, and I’m hoping to do a lot more fun voice work in the coming years.

How I Got Here

Filling The Pages Before I became a starship captain, I actually started with Contemporary Christian music back in 1999. Still in college, I was a very religious boy and wrote a lot of… well, really bad songs that I played in churches throughout the Pacific Northwest and Nashville, TN. I tried my hand in that industry for five years before realizing I had no future there. As much as I love God, I wanted to sing about other topics and you can’t really earn a living in that genre unless you’re always writing about the same thing. Also, I came out of the closet in 2005, so that pretty much ruined that career track for me. Oh well, broader horizons awaited.

Goodbye Planet Earth

While I still lived in Nashville, I made a lot of waves in the new world of Podcasting. I released a couple of albums that really defined where I was going next. The first, Beer & Coffee, was just a toe in the water really, but the podcasting world fell in love with songs like Drive Away and Trees and brought me a ton of new fans form all over the world. A couple years later, I made an experimental album that synchronized with the 2005 Hitchhiker’s Guide movie. To this day, Goodbye Planet Earth is still my most popular album, especially among the sci-fi crowd.

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