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MEE-Logo-Square-White Matthew produces audio projects for marketing and advertising firms, podcasts and radio, and for brands looking for musical content. LinkedIn users can check out his LinkedIn Profile and check his references there. In the mean time, take a listen to the samples below.

Contact or hire Matthew at 503-40-MUSIC or via Email.

A Complete Production Package

Matthew was hired to produce a suite of music for the Down & Up Podcast, a production from the Depression Is Real Coalition. This involved not just a full orchestral theme song, but multiple versions of varying lengths and styles. Listen to the complete theme, then hear how the alternate versions gave Down & Up a broad palette to work with for their show.

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Hit Song Adaptations

When marketing giant Porter Novelli needed to pitch an idea to Ikea, they needed something simple and strong (ideally something that could be assembled with a 5mm hex wrench). They hired Matthew to re-create the Rascal Flatts version of Life Is A Highway for their soundtrack- what they needed was quality like that of a multi-million dollar hit single for a fraction of the cost.

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Custom Lyrics Too

Back before the term “Mommy Blogger” was even coined, Paige and Gretchen at The Mommycast were releasing a world-renowned podcast month after month. They hired Matthew not only for his music production skills, but for his skills as a lyricist.

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Brand Theme Songs

When marketing company Crayon first started, they knew they needed a theme song to really cement their brand. They came to Matthew to create a song that could say much more than a pile of mission statements and elevator pitches ever could.

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