Porter Novelli

Porter NovelliOne of Matthew’s regular clients is Porter Novelli, one of the largest marketing and PR firms in the world. Over the years Porter Novelli has come to rely on Matthew for their presentations and pitches to clients such as Ikea, Discovery Cove, and Anheuser-Busch.

  • Client Comments
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Down And Up

Porter Novelli requested some custom music for a podcast about Clinical Depression called Down And Up. Given that they would need music for the intro, various segments, and other potential uses, Ebel delivered several different versions of a theme well within their budget. Here are a few examples:

  • Down And Up Theme (Full Version)
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  • Down And Up Theme (Piano Version)
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  • Down And Up Theme (Guitar/Strings Version)
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They also needed some music to really impress a potential client, Ikea. With less than a week’s notice and a major contract at stake, they turned to Matthew Ebel for their presentation music. At Porter Novelli’s request, he took a familiar tune and put it to work for the client.

  • Life is Ikea

Bud Light

For another internal project, they needed a fully-produced Bud Light commercial inside of four hours. Even though Matthew was on tour, far from his home studio, he was able to write the script and produce this in a friend’s apartment with nothing more than his road gear.

  • Real Men Of Genius: King of the Backyard

Discovery Cove

In order to woo Busch Gardens’ Discovery Cove Orlando theme park, Porter Novelli hired Matthew to provide a little island music to set the mood.

  • Island Theme
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Other Commissioned Works

  • Ska Workout
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  • Sixties Theme
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